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  1. NewSale TA 1A Charger


  2. • Selfie Stick

    • Easy to connect

    • Length of extension: 235-1005mm

  3. Multi-pin Wall Charger

    Suitable For: Mobile, Tablets

    With 5 USB Ports

    Output Current : 2.4 A for each port

    Smart Charge Technology

  4. Dual USB Car Charger

    Fast Charging

    Total Output: 4.2A (Max)

    Suitable For: Mobiles, Tablets

    Micro USB Cable Included

  5.   iPhone 6 Screw Motif Bumpers

  6. iPhone 6 Metallic Colour Bumpers

  7. Iphone 6 Dual Colour Bumpers

  8. Qualcomm Quick Charge ™3.0 Technology

    BIS Certified

    Supports Multiple Voltage Charging

    Suitable For: Mobile Phones

    Output Current : 2A

  9. Fast Charge Technology

    Output Current : 2A

    Suitable For: Mobile Phones

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